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"Great fun atmosphere for owner and doggie or any other pet that needs a bath, clean tubs and clean water and sniff~a~rific shampoos, dynamite drying options, dogs will go bow wow here!"

~Stuart W.


"So excited! I finally brought in my dog for her bath here. It was so ridiculously easy and the pooch has never been cleaner. No funny wet doggie smell. So glad I've discovered this place! Highly recommend!"

~El P.


"I absolutely LOVED your business!!!! My dogs are nice and clean, and the experience was enjoyable:-) We will definitely be back!!"

~Jennifer H.


"I love this place!! and my dogs do too!"

~Sammy S.


"Great place to self wash your dog! Friendly and helpful staff, well worth the reasonable price."

~Lynn K.


"This place is great!"

~Tracey G.


"OMG-No more soaking wet towels, bathroom, or ME to clean up. No more back breaking bending over a small bath tub. They provide a tall tub so U can stand & clean Fido. No more doggie hair clogging up my drain & plumbing. No special expensive doggie shampoo to buy, they provide it! No special dog brush or pin comb to buy, U can borrow theirs. There is also 3 professional grooming tables with low heat blow dryers to speed up drying a wet pooch. In less than 1 hour we had our 2 dogs sparkling clean for $15.00 per-doggie. Great service & helpful staff made a dreaded chore a pleasure."

~Linda Z.